Bluefruit Connect for iOS

Bluetooth LE communications multitool created specifically for use with Adafruit's Bluefruit breakout boards. The app includes UART communication, color picker, joypad interface and Arduino pin control via Firmata.

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Circuit Playground for iOS

An evolution of the Circuit Sidekick app, Circuit Playground was created for Adafruit Industries and includes an arsenal of electronics calculators, converters, and reference tools.

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Circuit Sidekick

A crossover between my electronics and programming interests, Circuit Sidekick is an electronics assistant app designed for clarity and ease-of-use. The app includes a variety of basic equation tools and component value calculators.

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High Five!

My first venture into iOS programming & design, High Five! is a simple yet quality app designed to highlight the personable, positive, and user-friendly aspects of mobile computing devices.

The project was created as a simple test bed for learning about iOS development. Surprisingly, it turned out to be pretty popular with the kids.